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Managing My Career

So warbling Matt was the one to go last night. I liked him better than that one smarmy blond headed kid that sang his whole song out of tune. But I guess the teeny boppers go for him, so he's in for a while. Go figure.

I stopped at W@lgreen's last night on my way home from work. I just needed to pick up lotion, my heartburn perscription, and some eye goop for Supe. Is that all I got? No. I scored 2 huge bottles of lotion from the clearance counter, 2 bottles of good and yummy smelling shampoo from the clearance counter, 2 2-liters of Coke for $2, and I came so close to getting Supe a tie. Not to mention misquito coils for our patio misquito thing-y. But I was strong and held back. I managed to stand in front of the eye goop display for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what in the heck Supe needed before I finally located a pharmisist to help me. I ended up getting him a tube of the goo and a bottle of fake tears drops. Tiny little bottles...costing lots and lots of money. But it's for his greater good, so we forge ahead. I came out of W@lgreens with the whole shebang for less than $40, which I thought was a good deal. I wish I could afford to be a products whore, but right now, we need medicated eye goo more than I need anything from Sephora or Aveda.

I fell asleep just fine last night, but woke up at 2 am choking on bile and stomach acid. I had the worst case of acid refulx I've ever experienced. It burned the back of my mouth and throat. I got up and got some water, but I didn't start to feel better until I had downed a cup of yogurt. Man that was harsh! Took me a while to fall back asleep and today I am not running on all cylinders.

I called the bariatric clinic again today, because I am nothing if not pushy, and found out my stuff has all been sent to the insurance company for approval! It was sent on the 23rd. Yay! I should know by next week if I have been approved for the surgery or not. Then I will have the meeting with the surgeon where he will give me a surgery date. It's finally getting closer.

Yesterday I talked to a co-worker about how I might find out what skills I would need to change jobs within the company if Supe and I move to Florida in the next 2 years or so. She suggested looking up available positions on our company's websight in the state we are wanting to move to, and then emailing or calling the contact person and asking them what I would need to be considered for such a position. Big Bank Co does not have a banking presence in Florida, but it does have a mortgage and finance presence there, so I will take her wise advice and see what's available out there. I did see an open position for a mortgage closing specialist that I really liked. The only thing is, I don't have mortgage experience. So, I will start there and will find out what kind of training and even schooling I would need to be qualified an considered for such a position. That way, when we move, I can stay with Big Bank Co, keep my seniority, my benefits, and everything! Whoo! The cool thing about BBC, is that if I need such training, they will pay for it. They have a great training and career growth program.

Today we are to expect the first thunderstorm of the spring season. It is grey and foggy and very damp. Even in the office it feels damp and there is a chill in the air. It's the first burst of humidity I have felt in quite a while. Do you like thunderstorms? Has spring sprung where you live? Tell me about it...leave a comment.

9:16 a.m. - Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004


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