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Pray a Little Prayer

If you are the praying type...please add this to your list. It comes from my brother, Huff on behalf of his wife, Belle. Thanks!

All -

Well, the countdown has begun! This is the week we've been waiting (and praying) for. Belle will be donating a kidney to her mom, on Wednesday, 4/7. Thanks soooo much for your prayers and support thus far! They have not gone un-noticed!! We are very blessed to have friends and family like you all behind us on this!

Here's what we know:

* Belle and her mom will be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, 4/6 @ 8:00 AM.

* The surgery will be on Wednesday, 4/7 @ approx 7:30 AM - they will leave their rooms @ approx. 6:30 AM for pre-op prep.

* Belle's surgical team will be headed by Dr. blah blah blah.

* Her Mom's surgical team will be headed by Dr. Wouldn't You Like To Know.

* Belle and her mom will not share a room post-op. They will be roomed on opposite ends of the hall. They say this encourages them to walk about... Also, if something were to "happen" to one of them, it would limit the initial impact to the other.

* Belle should be home on Saturday, 4/10.

* Her mom should be home on Sunday, 4/11.

Please pray:

> That God's will will be done in all of this.

> That the surgeons will have wisdom/knowledge/skill as they perform the transplant.

> That Belle's Mom's body will accept the kidney, that it won't be rejected.

> That post-op pain for Belle & her mom will be minimal/manageable.

> For "normalcy of life" to return to Belle & her mom quickly.

> That those around "us" that need Jesus, will see His love through the example of Belle's sacrifice.

> That those around "us" that need Jesus, will see God's power through the restoration of life to her mom.

> For my father-in-law, the boys (Peat & RePeat) and me, as we'll be w/o the women of our lives for a few days!

Praise and Thanksgiving!:

< That a suitable donor was found so quickly - Favorable odds (for Belle's mom) receiving from a living donor - - especially a blood relative!

< That Belle's Mom's health remained relatively stable as she waited for a donor!

< That we live in a day and age that we have the technology and ability for this to happen!

< That we have "the best in the business" handling the transplant!

< That we have peace!

< That we have a (the) church - friends & family backing us with prayer and support!

< That we have a Savior and our God is in control!

Again, THANK YOU all! We love you, and cherish you and your prayers!!

I'll keep you updated accordingly!

Thanks for your prayers!

12:00 p.m. - Monday, Apr. 05, 2004


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