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Now If Only we Could Get Insurance To Buy A Van

I forgot to mention my youngest nephew, Repeat yesterday...Happy Birthday Repeat! And today, Happy Birthday Amanda! Also, Good Passover to everyone who celebrates the Jewish holiday.

Check back later for photos to be added to this entry. I am writing it from home, but my connection at work is faster, so I can add photos at lunch.

Supe got his brand new wheelchair last night. It is his, all his and it is super fancy. It ended up costing almost as much as our cars put together. Can you believe that? For a wheelchair? Insurance paid for all but 10% and MDA picked up most of that and we owe about $300 that we will pay over time. We can't even fathom. We only owe $300 for this chair which costs almost 10 times that correct math? Anyway, Supe LOVES it! It's a blue Jazzy electric chair that has a recline function and even a lift function so he can reach shelves and our ceiling fan pull without standing. It is fast, quick and quiet. It is the perfect chair for Supe.

My boss's boss was in the office yesterday, though none of us met him until 4:00. He came all the way from CA to see our operation. Hope he liked it and was suitibly impressed. It was like our mom was expecting the pastor from her church and wanted to make darn good and sure we were going to be on our best behavior. Not that we aren't anyways, but it's hard to keep up that perky perfect demeanor all day. But we made it through.

For a far better commentary that I could ever bring you on the Audrey Seiler case, go check out Erin Shea's entry from 4-2-04 at Very insightful. Since the news came out that she faked it, I have thought something traumatic happened or had been happening to her. But also, she was a very large fish in a tiny pond while she lived in Rockford, MN. Then she moved to Madison which is an extremely lasrge ocean of fish, much like her. That in itself could be traumatic enough if there were some other issues she was dealing with as well. I feel sorry for her and her family, but I also feel that restitution needs to be made as well to the community that reached out with all its resources to help her.

So, my sister in law, Belle, is going into the hospital today to prepare for the surgery tomorrow. I talked to my littlest nephew last night and he said he was a little worried, but knew God would take care of his mommy. Good man. We continue to pray for Belle and her mom.

We mailed off all the grant requirements for the van grant we applied for. I wonder how long it takes to hear from them? The guy that brought Supe's wheelchair over said he knew a guy who had an old van with lots of miles on it that he might be willing to give us. He was going to check and get back to us. I won't hold my breath.

So, roughly 48 days until my surgery! I wish it was 48 hours...though I'm still not fully prepared. I have been buying stuff that I will need so we aren't overcome all at once. Still can't wait, though I am nervous about the tube they will put down my throat. Blech! HATE THAT! Also, Supe and I were talking this weekend about surgery and such and I mentioned that I would like to have lasic surgery some day, but cannot get over the aversion I have to "eye" things. He laughed that I am more afraid of lasic surgery that is over in 2 minutes than I am about a surgery where they will be cutting me open and sewing my stomach shut. Well, duh! They put me out for that! If they could put me out for Lasic, I would have it done in a minute!

What are your feelings on surgery, medical issues and doctors? Go ahead and leave a comment.

7:27 a.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2004


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