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Transplant Update

Just got word from my brother!

"Aim, just spoke w/ the surgeon. He said the kidney was "out" and that Belle is in recovery! She did very well in surgery - it WAS done laproscopically!! (answered prayer) and I should be able to see her in about an hour...

Her mom had received the kidney, and was already showing signs of improvement!! The Doctor will meet w/ us at approx 2:00 P.M. to give us a post-op summary!

PRAISE GOD for (all the) answered prayer!"

Yes indeed. *big sigh*

Just a quick comment about why the pastor talked to Supe about the surgery and not me. I think part of it is because the pastor is pretty good friends with Supe, as well as one of his instructors at school. He sees Supe far more often than he sees me. I think his main concern was that this was the first he had heard of it and wondered why I hadn't contacted the church for prayer before now. The thing is, I had. I had written prayer requests about wanting the insurance approval and about waiting to hear from the surgeon. So, I'm not sure why he didn't know before now. That's what I know from what Supe said.

Thanks for all your comments, though! you guys rock my world!

--------------------------------About A Year Ago Today: April 08, Medical Check-Ups and a Crazy Cat No Curves THIS morning. I could barely get out of bed after hitting the snooze 2ce.

Yesterday was OK. Had lots of work and a busy phone day. Forgot my knitting at home so my lovely husband brought it down to be at work.

Knitting was awesome! I finished the soul of my first slipper and am now knitting in the round, as they say. This is fun! My pattern is kind of involved...lots of counting and I lose my place a lot. But I am marking my pattern as I go and am trying to go slow so I donít make a mistake.

Once I am done with this slipper, I have to do another one. Hopefully they will match and not be some weird resemblance of one another.

It was hard to pay attention to my pattern though as there was one woman there who talked a blue streak the whole time. She talked about her son, her mom, her dad, her brothers, her husband, her job, her co-workers, other knitting she had done. Blah, blah, blah. It was as if there couldnít be silence or she would explode. Some chatter is nice, but on the whole, I donít mind knitting in silence. Maybe it is best to come to knitting by myself rather than with a friend as so many seem to do.

Itís true that everyone else is knitting sweaters which donít require such intense focus on the pattern, so maybe thatís my issue. But quiet for 10 minutes!

I guess I should be more understanding. She has a 2 year old at home and works with developmentally disabled, so Iím sure she hungers for adult companions and conversation, but let someone else talk for a change as well.

Enough about that.

I got home from knitting and Sweet Baboo was still home and in bed. He didnít go to his Top Gun menís meeting as he said he didnít feel well. He said he had a headache and his stomach was gurgly. Could have had what I had over the weekend. But it scares me now more than ever when he isnít feeling good.

He was angry because he got his credit union statement. They hold the loan on his truck. They also held a loan he had taken out a few years ago for debt consolidation. But when we declared bankruptcy last year, we put the 2nd loan on our papers for the bankruptcy. Well, instead of clearing the loan, they just tacked it on to his truck loan. I donít think they can do that, but he was going to call them today to see what the deal with that is.

Maisey is dizzy with nervous activity. Sweet Baboo brought home a laser pointer and when he shines it anywhere in her vicinity, she gets crazy trying to get this annoying little red dot. Itís kind of funny and sheís getting good exercise, but I hope we donít wig her out too much with it. Sheís already nervous about sleeping in our bedroom what with all the new noises and equipment in there. It started with the airbed SB got from our friends. The pump is LOUD and it so scared the kitty, she stayed away for a day or so. She finally got used to that and we brought home the oxygen machines and masks for SB. Then we brought home spare tanks for under the bed. She wonít even sleep on his bed anymore. She sticks to my bed when we are sleeping; otherwise, she stays out of our room for the most part. Poor kitty.

SB has a check up today with our doctor at our clinic and then the sleep study tonight at the Medical Center. I have an early morning dental appointment tomorrow and my post-op check-up on Thursday. So, we are busy this week medically speaking. I hope that the news will be good all around.

Thanks for reading!

-------------------------------About A Year Ago Today: April 10, 2003 Reading Books and My Surgeon Looks Why am I soooo stinking tired? I went to bed last night at 8:30 just barely able to keep my eyes open. I woke up 45 minutes after my alarm was supposed to go off, still groggy and dragging. Cannot figure out why I canít seem to get enough sleep. Oh...and I woke up at 2:30 am, wide-awake and just laid there for an hour last night. Weird sleep patterns...what does it mean?

Yesterday was GORGEOUS! 60 degrees, sunny, bright, warm, birds singing, grass greening, Spring is here! Yay! Today will be warmer, brighter, better.

I am excited to have my new books, but I have noticed that marriage changes one more thing. When I was single, I would read whenever I felt like it. If a book were good, I would come right home; read through dinner and late into the night if I did not drop off to sleep first.

Now, I have someone at home who needs my attention. Someone who has waited all day to see me and doesnít necessarily want to stare at the top of my head over an open book. And when I read, I am thoroughly engrossed. A bomb could go off right next to me and I either would not notice it, or, without looking up, would tell it to wait until the next chapter before I acknowledge it. Sweet Baboo doesnít deserve that. However, he doesnít understand my thirst for reading either.

So now I have to learn how to balance my desire to read with my desire to spend time with my husband. It is an interesting predicament and one not foreseen in my visions of marriage. My husband was in threat of becoming a book widower. We are working on it.

Work was soooo frustrating yesterday. My bosses were back in the office. They have been out in the field trying to make money themselves because our office has kind of hit a slump and they are not making money off our agents right now. So SM and CM are writing business themselves. Except that Itís been so long since theyíve done this that they couldnít put together their own application packets because they didnít know what page goes where. They had asked me to put together 10 of each packet for them to take out on the road. That amounted to about 50 packets total. I had an agent help me but with all the changes in information lately, we missed a couple. Then, when CM and SM turned in their business, I missed the missing pages so their app is delayed until they get the proper signatures on the missing page.

Well SM came at me yesterday saying it was my fault and I needed to be more on top of their apps. I gently disagreed, saying itís ultimately the agentís responsibility to make sure they have all the necessary paperwork handed in. However, not being one to ever admit she was wrong, SM countered that it was my responsibility and I needed to do better. So I guess you could say we agreed to disagree. There were other little skirmishes re: paperwork and numbers. The stories arenít that good, just suffice it to say yesterday was frustrating and I am glad SM and CM are back in the field again today.

Today I go see my gallbladder surgeon for my post-op check up. No big deal. I do want to find out why the operation took longer than they first thought it would take. I wonder if they video tape the surgeries? That would be somewhat cool to watch.

Sweet Baboo is doing really well. I think he slept all the way through the night last night and was still sleeping when I left the apartment this morning. He is meeting with a pastor at our church today in hopes he can trade working there in exchange for taking some ministry training classes. He is very excited about this possibility. Hope it works out well.

He saw his regular physician on Tuesday and she agreed that he should seek permanent total disability status. He is really struggling with this. She told him that he is at risk for falling and he should not be standing for long periods either. Sweet Baboo is reluctant as we are still waiting to hear about his case with the Department of Human Rights. Once we hear from them and what they have decided as far as a settlement goes, we will know if we can or should file a regular lawsuit against his former employers. If we file a regular lawsuit, it would be more beneficial for SB to NOT have the permanent disability status. So, we are kind of at a stand still on that subject right now.

Tax day is coming up. We were able to pay our federal taxes thanks to a generous gift. But we still have a state tax bill in the hundreds of dollars. I will not worry, but I will pray. God is our provider and He knows our needs. He will not fail us or forsake us.

Thanks for reading!

12:51 p.m. - Wednesday, Apr. 07, 2004


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