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Surgery Issues

Happy Birthday Katherine!

Ugh...I know I'm behind, but today I am joining the other DLanders with their womanly flow.

A word from my brother Huff as we prepare for Belle and her mom's surgery today...right now, actually!

Thanks so much for the prayers and support you've given us (all) thus far. You're ALL A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! We appreciate it so much!!

A couple of things to consider and add to your prayer list as the hour (for the transplant) draws nearer.

1. Due to Belle's previous stomach surgery - following the birth of Repeat - she has a scar and scar tissue on her abdomen. Come to find out, this may in fact inhibit the surgery from being performed laproscopically. They won't know til they get to "cutting"...... Please pray that they will be able to do this laproscopically - otherwise, she will have to have the kidney removed the more invasive way! :-( This would require bigger incisions (more scarring), loss of a rib, and longer post-op recovery.

2. Belle's mom was really struggling tonight. She was quite emotional about the whole situation. She is feeling guilty for having to put her "baby" through this. She is distraught about what could happen to her daughter - a mother (of two young boys) and wife. Please pray for her to have PEACE, and that she will know Belle (and I have) have considered (and prayed about) the "what ifs"....). We know that this is what is to be!! God is in control, and he has raised up Belle to be the donor.

3. Belle will be rolling to surgery @ 7:30 AM, scheduled to start at approx. 8:30 AM. Her mom will be rolled out at approx 10:00 to receive the kidney

I thank you all (again) for your prayers!!

In light of what they are going through, nothing I write seems important, but there is still stuff to write and life must keep going, so go on I must.

When I got home last night, only one (Daisy) cat ran to the door to greet me. Usually both cats come a'running when I come home because they know it is feeding time. I didn't think much of it, though because the patio door was open and birds were at the feeder. Sometimes Maisey does get distracted. So, I fed Daisy and Maisey but it was odd that Maise didn't come to her dish to eat once it was full. I really noticed something difference when Daisy would guard her own bowl, but kept trying to eat from Maisey's. Something Maisey HATES. I asked Supe if he had seen Maisey. He looked around with me, but we couldn't find her. Then we stopped and looked and realized we could hear her crying. We looked in the closets and outside, and we finally found her when we opened the door to the apartment building and looked down the hall. There, cowering at our next door neighbor's door was a frightened Maisey, tail as big as a raccoon's. She was crying with all her kitty might for someone to open the door. Thankfully, no one was home next door. We went down and got her and brought her home and all was well. Supe didn't want to be too loving to her, after all, she was the naughty one who snuck out, but I know she was really scared, so I loved on her anyway. Poor baby. The upside to this is now she shies away from the door when we go in and out. I wonder how long that will last?

Last night Supe told me one of the pastors at church called him into his office at school and told him he disagrees with the decision I made to have the surgery. We had another frank and open discussion about it and came to the conclusion that even though I have been dealing with this for years...a lifetime, really, and came to my decision over the course of years, it is shocking to people just getting the news. Still, I am surprised by the people who are negatively challenging me about it. People at work have been super supportive. My close friends have been really supportive. It's mostly family and church friends who have questioned me about it. I got some enlightenment about how I feel about it when I told Supe I felt rejected by these people. He came into the kitchen where I was washing dishes, put his arms around me and kissed me and said just because they disagree with me, doesn't mean they are rejecting me. True. Wow! Revelation! But I fear that if there are complications, these will be the people who say "I told you so!" and they won't pray for me because they think the complications are God's divine judgement on me for going ahead with something so drastic. I know I shouldn't care what people think...I try not to...but sometimes I can't help it. I know it's all part of the process and I am working through it. People in my support group also told me to prepare to lose some friends over this. I know that's a possibility in my head, but I also know it will blindside me when it actually happens. I can't imagine any one of my friends leaving because of the surgery or its results. But I have heard testimonies of other people in the exact same boat and know it's a possibility.

Anyway, I have to say, my husband is a wise, loving and amazing man!

--------------------------------A year Ago Today: April 07, 2003 An early morning and a good weekend Itís EARLY Monday morning as I type this and I am dressed and ready to go work out at Curves. Itís been probably 2 months since Iíve been there, but I really need to go more. I woke up this morning at 5 after 5 and couldnít get back to sleep, so I thought I would make the best of the time. We live right behind the Curves here so, I have time to update my journal before I go.

Had a good weekend. Did not do much. Slept in on Saturday and enjoyed some married time with my hubby. Itís been awhile.

Went to get a treat at DQ and while there we were looking at the local real estate market. Itís not pretty. They were advertising a $235,000.00 home as a great starter home. Meanwhile, when we had our taxes done, we were told we could afford a home starting at $111,350.00. Not going to find that here. Even townhouses are $150,000 and up. Itís kind of disconcerting. Even ramblers are priced in the low 200ís.

I called my youngest nephew to wish him a happy 6th birthday. He was sooo cute. Here is our conversation:

Me - "Happy Birthday Repeat!"

Him - "How did you know it was my birthday?"

Me - "Because I was there when you were born."

Him - "But how did you remember it?"

Me - "Because we write down the birthdays of all the people we love and we love you!"

Him - "Oh"

He was so funny and really excited for his party later.

Then his older brother asked to get on the phone to talk with me. We have sort of shared this special bond since he was born so I was looking forward to talking with him a bit. He said Hi and then asked if my husband was home. I said yes, handed the phone to my husband who processed to talk to my nephew for all of 5 minutes before hanging up.

I was left hanging by my nephew! Oh well. I am glad they love SB and think heís fun to talk to. I guess my nephew wanted to tell my husband about the Vikings Jerseys he has and to say they might be at training camp this summer. Cool!

We missed church because I wasnít feeling well. Have some sort of weird sinus/cold thing. Woke up with a horrible headache. Felt like my head was going to explode.

I talked to my Dad last night about coming to their place for Easter weekend. They invited my Grandma to come but donít want her driving there by herself. So it looks like Sweet Baboo and I will drive down to get her and then drive her car to Wisconsin for a visit. That should be fun! Yay! Plus we get to visit my family.

Sweet Baboo went to our nieceís birthday party without me yesterday. I was feeling so crappy. Plus I didnít want to get everyone else sick. She turned 14. Sheís growing up so fast. And sheís turning into a lovely young woman. Sheís already got a boyfriend. He was there and I guess he didnít say more than 4 words all evening. Typical teen male:-) Sweet Baboo says he has 3 piercings in his ears, but I donít really see the problem with that but SB doesnít like piercing at all.

Today is my friend Katherineís birthday. I didnít get a card out, so I will be late. But I have knitting tonight, so donít know if we can get together. Maybe this weekend we can go out as a belated celebration. Itís also my friend Loriís birthday on Saturday though. So, weíll see what happens.

Gotta run to Curves. Hope I donít fall apart...Itís been a while.

Thanks for reading!

8:20 a.m. - Wednesday, Apr. 07, 2004


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