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Surgeon Meeting Update

So I met with the surgeon. NICE man! It went really well. I have lost 7 1/2 pounds so far and have another 10 or so to go. I also have a month to do it in. I should change to a more protien or liquid diet to prepare. I'm "down" to 354 lbs according to the doctor's scale.

Dr. Baker was amazing. Very kind, answered all my questions, and was generally very encouraging about everything. I am set for surgery on May 24th at 7:30am barring any unforseen circumstances. I have my pre-op physical on May 18th and in the meantime, I am preparing my household with the things I will need post-op, as well as getting my "wishes" in order...just in case. Prudent preparation if you will.

I am ready and I KNOW I can do this.


April 22, 2003 Organizing the Back Room and Planning For the Future

Happy Birthday Maridee!

Tomorrow is Administration Professionals Day...donít forget to thank your office administrator! If sheís anything like me, she works hard, takes pride in her job, and a little thanks will go a long way.

Take today for example. So far I have lugged several heavy boxes to our storage room, unloaded them and then loaded them up again with old forms and brochures and then lugged them out to the garbage. Then I restocked our brochures and forms and made sure everything looked neat and was easily accessible. Now I am sweaty and hot...a very non-professional look for me. Unfortunately, my bosses barely notice. So I am not expecting any big production tomorrow.

I had my next to last knitting class yesterday. I didnít realize we were so close to the end. I am almost done with one of Sweet Babooís slippers. Then I just have to do the other one. I havenít knitted it at all outside of class because I am afraid of making a mistake and not being able to go on. But now that Iím almost done, I am seeing that it is a pretty easy, albeit a very involved pattern. I canít really participate in conversation while knitting due to the counting and switches in stitches as I go. I cannot wait until they are will be interesting to see how they look once they are done. But next week is my last class for this pattern. I think I will hold off on any classes this summer and will pick up a sox or sweater class this fall or winter.

What was most interesting in class last night was talking to my teacher about her home daycare business. She did home daycare for 15 years! She had a wealth of information and was very helpful in pointing me to some good resources. I donít think Itís something we are ready to do right now, especially since we donít have a house, but I am not above collecting information in order to be ready when the time comes.

My teacher says I should go to the licensing information class and should definitely get licensed. She also said there is a company that provides medical insurance for daycare providers and their families and she said that everything is tax deductible. Even if you put new siding or fix the pipes in your house, that can be a deduction because itís improving your business. She also said to sign up for the food program because that will go a long way to help with expenses too.

My dream is to eventually build a house. What I would LOVE is to build a one level with a walkout. That way the downstairs could be set up for the childcare. We could put a walk to the backdoor walkout where parents could pick up and drop off their kids. That way our home and our business would be separate areas. We would have to have a fenced yard with a play area in the back. I have a grand idea of how Iíd like the lower level of the house set up, but it seems kind of silly to lay it all out when we donít even have plans to buy a place right now. Still, its fun to dream and plan.

My knitting teacher said she had 12 kids. But I donít know if I could handle more than 6 or 8, depending upon their ages. She also talked about creating a handbook with a contract at the end for the parents to sign. The handbook would outline our philosophy, our schedule, our menus, our days and times of operation, our holiday schedule, and sick and late policies as well as our fees.

So right now the 2 things that are holding me back are, not living in a house, and my job provides the health insurance for me and Bob. Kind of big issues. Also, it would probably be better to have some start up funds. The tax deductions are nice, but they wouldnít benefit us until next year. So, lots to think and pray about.

I need to go to Office Depot today and pick up some stuff for our office. I have to organize that back room once I get a list of all the current brochures, applications, and forms from our home office. Then I am going to arrange the back room so all the applications and forms are organized by type and will color code which form goes to which application. It will be very fluid and easy to use. Itís about time I did this. Iíve only been here 2 years now. But Iíve been putting it off because the back room intimidates the heck out of me. Oh well. It must be done. It will actually help me out as much as the agents because I will be able to see at a glance what we need more of instead of relying solely on the agents to bring it to my attention.

4:53 p.m. - Thursday, Apr. 22, 2004


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