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Back By...No Demand Whatsoever

I'm not sure why I didn't write yesterday. Lots is going on, but I didn't feel like writing I guess.

I went to a church retreat for women over the weekend. It was at a hotel about 10 minutes from my apartment. There were LOTS of ladies there. At first, I didn't want to go. But someone paid my way and I thought it might be fun.

I got to the hotel, checked in and went to the room. Where I promptly had a meltdown. I don't know what has become of me, but I used to be an outgoing extrovert. The life of the party. Everyone's funny girl. Now? I'm the scaredycat who won't go to a church function because someone might say something hurtful or I might feel left out. Big boo hoo.

I cried for a bit. Fought the urge to just run out of there and went down to the meeting site. A few of my gal friends from church were there and we hooked up.

I must say, I am glad I stayed. I don't know of this fear comes from dealing with Supe and his disabilities or if it's from my insecurity about how I look. But the weekend was lovely.

There was worship music, a lively guest speaker, and lots of fellowship. In fact, I renewed my friendship with one gal and deepened a friendship with another. It really was refreshing.

Saturday night, Supe went over to the gas station (the one behind our alley where he occationally works part time) to hang with the guys. Apparently only Mike was there working. Usually there are several guys working and others hanging out. Mike has another form of MD, but he's been hiding it and trying to downplay his muscle degeneration. But Supe has been a very kind and helpful resource to him. Supe is also VERY bold about his beliefs. Mike has always shown interest in what Supe believes and has asked lots and lots of questions. On Saturday, he expressed interest in beginning a new life as one who believes in Jesus and the Bible. Most people who have already traveled that road called it becoming Born Again, but I don't really like that term. But that's what happened and Supe was beside himself with joy. He always said having MD would be worth it if only one person came to know Jesus through it and him. Well, one did.

Supe has also befriended a 16 year old kid named David from our building. They hang out and talk about EVERYTHING. David said he would be interested in going to church with us. I helped David's mother one day when her car was dead by giving her a jump. She's a nice lady...single mom...busy...but so nice. I LOVE meeting the people in our building.

I have been researching vitamins and supplements to determine where the best place is to buy them. Not necessarily the cheapest, although that is a consideration too. I have found a couple of sites that sell vitamins especially formulated for WLS patients. They seem to be good products, but you never know. They do sell samples, so I will be getting some of the samples first and deciding later.

Supe's back is jacked. We don't know what he did, but every day has been worse for him pain-wise. Last night he even said he might go to the hospital today, so you KNOW he was in a lot of pain. The hospital is usually the last place he will ever even consider going. Poor baby. We are going to see his new neurologist on Friday, so maybe by then we can come up with something to help him.

This weekend is the Festival of Nations. in St. Paul. This is so exciting! I LOVED it when I went last time. I am hoping to find someone to go with this year and praying we have the funds to scrape together so I CAN go. Weeeeeee!

Last night I was holding Daisy and petting her. As I touched her side, near her left rear knee, her muscle spasmed and she meowed. I grew concerned and asked Supe to look at her. He petted her in the same spot and the same thing happened. She seemed either in pain or uncomfortable. I put her down and she immediately began playing. So, I guess she's fine and just doesn't like being touched near her left rear knee. We are watching her though.

Cable TV is crack. That's all I have to say about that. Pure, unalduterated crack.

27 days until surgery. 4 weeks off...if my claim is approved. I found out yesterday that I have to submit a short term leave claim with Met Life. I can't submit the claim until 10 days before my last day of work. I will have to use 5 days of PTO and I am asking for 15 days of short term leave. Who knows if they will approve it. I hope to God they do. They will only pay me at 65%, but that's better than no pay at all. If they don't approve me, I will use all the rest of my PTO days and will only take 2 weeks off and hope that's enough. Bleh!

Nothing happened a year ago today.

11:23 a.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2004


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