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The Kitchen Sink

Trinity is right. I am so very wrong. Next time I fear for Supe's life, I will waste no time in checking on him. It could mean all the difference in the world. Thanks Trin for the kick in the pants!

I went to the dentist last night and really liked it. This is a new dentist/hygenist for me. This place is much bigger and more modern than my former dentist office. I miss my other dentist, but his office and hours aren't as conveinent as this new dentist. Also, my new dentist is a woman, which I think does make a difference. They took every known X-ray of my teeth and I have 4 cavities. 4!!! 6 months ago, none. Now, 4! I have to go back to get fillings 2ce. one appointment for the front cavities and 1 appointment for the back cavities. The good thing was I was shown/reminded how to brush and was given a cool new tool for flossing in my tiny little mouth.

My new dentist heard me say something about how small my mouth is and she laughed, but then she looked at my teeth and said, "You have small teeth too!" Funny, I never thought about different sized teeth. But apparently I have small teeth. Hmmm.

So I watched the Friends Finale last night and can I just I wish we could have seen Ben, Carol and Susan, Phoebe's brother, sister in law and the triplets. Also, who gives birth to a baby, let alone twins and then just lets the new adoptive parents walk out with them and take them home? Um, hello? Where are the lawyers and the adoption papers? Where's all the red tape? I have never been thrilled with the adoption storyline. It was all too easy and fast and seamless. Not at all the way I have seen adoption work for my friends. What happened to waiting 2-10 years for an infant? Sheesh! So, it was OK.

I'm so glad it's Friday, though I'm working the late shift for a gal whose daughter had a formal dance tonight. So I'm at work far longer than I have gotten used to.

17 days until the surgery. I got a call yesterday to pre-register, so I did that. What an ordeal. I'm glad they do that before you get there for surgery. As if you don't have to go through enough rigamaroll. But it's done and now it's becoming more real.

I've been doing well on my liquidy morning meal, sensible lunch, sensible dinner regime. Although today I did slip and eat a bag of peanut M&Ms. I looked at the label and saw that it had much the same sugar and calorie info that some of the juices I I have to start limiting the juices I think. Or drink the diet juices if I have to have juice. I'm not really going to get all upset. I've done well this week. I hope it shows on the scale.

I just took the funniest call. A customer called ( calls are supposed to be from bankers, not customers.) and said he had talked to a co-worker of mine earlier and she said she would fax a copy of his statement to a number he provided, only the person that was supposed to receive it...didn't. So I asked him for his policy number. He didn't know it. I asked him who he talked to re: faxing the statement. He didn't know who he talked to. So, we started at the beginning with his SS# and I found his statement. Then I asked him who I was to fax it to and he couldn't remember. Then I asked him for the number to fax it to. Let's say for this purpose he told me the number was 123-456-7890. But then he said he wasn't sure of the area code and did I know what the area code was for such-and-such Colorado? I told him I was in Minnesota and did not know the area codes for Colorado but I said I would try and fax it while he stayed on the phone just in case there was a problem with the fax. I faxed it and it just rang and rang and rang. No one ever picked up and no fax tones ever emitted. I tried again and same thing. I reported this to the customer and he said, "Are you faxing to the correct number?" I told him I was faxing to the number he gave me. He said, "123-456-3333?" What? I said, "No, you gave me the fax number of "123-456-7890". "Oh! Then there's the problem. That's not the fax number." Oh, ya think???? So I try to fax it again but it's now busy. The customer asks me if I will keep faxing until it picks up. I tell him I will try every 5 minutes or so as I have to take other calls. He seems bummed by this and then says the person on the other end of the fax is leaving in 15 minutes and it needs to be there before then. (Nice that you are calling me with this issue so close to closing buster.) I tell him I will do what I can, but I can't hang out by the fax machine until it isn't busy because there are other calls waiting and I have to attend to those. He says OK in a really hang dog tone and says he guesses he will call back tomorrow to see if it was faxed. Then I tell him that we aren't open on the weekends. He groans then and says he guesses he will just hope for the best. I tell him that's a good idea and we end the call. You get all kinds in this job.

It's mother's day on Sunday. I called a place in my mom's home town and ordered something for her over the phone. The gal I talked to said she would hand deliver it. Mom said she was gone all day but nothing had been left there. I called the gal and she said she left it between the storm door and front door. Mom said she checked there but nothing was there. Hmmmm. Either someone took it or the lady left it at the wrong house. Either way, my mommmy is missing her gift! Wah! I wonder what my brother did for Mom's day?

Have a great weekend!


A Year Ago Today: May 07, 2003 TV Shows and Kids Playing Outside

Yesterday I paid $1.27/gallon for gas. Today itís back up to $1.49. Thatís a .22 cent jump in less than 24 hours! It just doesnít seem right. Thank God I filled up yesterday!

I canít believe that Josh didnít get the boot last week on American Idol. He NEEDS to go this week. Although my suspicions are that Kimberly Locke will be booted instead. But Rueben and Clay are my guys! LOVE them! Neither one of them should be in the bottom 2 this week. If they are, Fox should not allow anyone younger than 16 to vote. Just kidding. Sorta. I canít believe I got sucked into that show. But I love the drama of it.

Not like Mr. Personality. Have you seen this thing? I tape it so I can fast forward through the stupid parts. The problem is I end up fast forwarding the whole thing. I started watching it because there was a Twin Cities attorney on it. But he ended up being such a jerk, that I was hoping they wouldnít mention his home state very much. He got booted on the second show. Anyway, now Iím fascinated by the creepy guy in the green mask. He scares me. He is trying to mind control Hailey into picking him. He spies on her with the other guys and uses hypnosis techniques on her. Weird. He just seems like someone who never quite got over that geeky stage in high school when all the girls rejected him. So as he grew, he used his brainy super-powers for evil instead of for good. Blech! Hailey grates on me too though. She gets to pick men based mostly on personality and yet she seems so shallow and self interested. The guys all crow about what a hottie she is. I think they should bag her face too so Itís all based on personality. That would make it MUCH more interesting.

SB and I are praying about adopting. We are sending for information about how to start the process and praying for leading. There are lots and lots of babies from Guatamala and Hatai and Africa that donít require international travel. That might be the way to go. We are just longing to be parents and think God is leading us in this direction.

I love the building SB and I live in. Every day afer school, all the kids in our building are outside playing together. Last night they were all on their bikes playing follow the leader. They were zooming around the sidewalk that rings our swimming pool. The cool thing is that they all play together. Their ages range from 6 to 13, girls and boys and such different nationalities. There are white, blacks, spanish speaking kids and possibly kids of Indian (the country) origin. Very cool and fun to watch.

Work Story! CM and SM have been interviewing new people for our office. Part of the interview process is what is called a Career Seminar. This is when they bring in 2 to 10 people at a time for what can only best be called a group interview. They bring these people into our conference room, have them fill out some paperwork, give them a packet of informational material and talk about our company and our expectations. It is my job to make up the informational packets. Usually I am alerted by CM that they need more, 15 minutes before the first person shows up for the seminar. Today, I knew they were having a seminar, so the first thing I did was to pick out the information and folders that make up the packets. I hadn't yet made them into packets because I knew the seminar was not scheduled until noon. At 9:35, CM calls me from his car phone to tell me that he had scheduled all his people for noon, but that SM had scheduled all her people for 10AM. So they had to reschedule everyone for 10AM. (Because SM always gets her way.) So he was calling to say that the noon seminar was now going to be at 10 and they needed packets. I canít win for losing. I now had 25 minutes to put the packets together. I thought I was ahead of the game and they moved the game on me. Oh well. I got the packets put together in time. Go me!

Only 1 person ended up showing up at 10AM and once she found out the position was commission only, she left. Then, at noon, just as I was going to lunch, a gentleman showed up for the career seminar. CM and SM had JUST left for the day, so I had to call them back just for this one guy. Master planners, they are not.

I finished another good book! "The Devil Wears Prada." Itís a novel about a young college graduate and her first job. She lands a job as an assistant to a high fashion magazine editor and thus enters her descent into hell. Itís very similar to "The Nanny Diaries". Great book! Read it! (read them both!)

Thanks for reading!


A Year Ago Tomorrow: May 08, 2003 Motherís Day and Adoption Support

Happy Birthday Garmoe!(Helton)

Today while standing in Brueggerís Bagels, I noticed a young girl waiting in line. She had on very blue blue jeans and had them rolled up to her calf. Is this back in? Rolling jeans? She had them rolled high enough to masquerade as Capriís. Very interesting.

Well, our mothers are all taken care of for motherís day. I canít say what we did in case they happen to peruse this page, but we love our mommies and have blessed them with fun gifts, I think. Yay!

Motherís Day is hard for me. I have wanted to be a mommy for so long. I wrote about wanting to be a mom when I was 18! (Thank God I wasnít...I donít think the kids or I would have survived that.) But now, Itís just hard to participate in a day that honors all Iíve ever wanted to be and am not. I am getting better...just struggling with another Motherís Day coming and going without being a mom myself.

Last night Sweet Baboo and I looked through the "Precious In His Sight" website together. This is sort of an international adoption database that lists, not only the children available for adoption, but shows their photos as well. These are kids mostly from Haiti, Guatemala, Eastern Europe, and Asia. There are also some children from South America, Africa, and a few from the US. We saw so many beautiful children available for adoption. Many from Haiti and Guatemala. We were looking at many older children...children in the 4-8 year old range. We ended up weeping over some of the childrenís stories.

Haiti has so many children for adoption. Itís one of the poorest countries in the world and so many of the stories are similar. One parent dies, the other parents cannot afford to support their children so they are put up for adoption.

One little boy reminded me of my oldest nephew. They said he was bright, ahead in many of his subjects, had strong opinions and just had to learn that he did not have to talk all the time and that he was not always right. He is 8 going on 9. Cute kid.

Another little boy wanted a daddy very badly because he lost his. But he also had a fear of losing the dad once he was adopted because he also had abandonment issues.

There were beautiful little girls and even pairs of twins! What really broke our hearts was the fact that several of these children have siblings who are also available for adoption but the agencies say they are able to be split up. Why? We would certainly adopt siblings in order to keep them all together. We thought it would be in everyoneís best interest to keep the siblings all together in order to keep the trauma and adjustments to a minimum.

One little girl said she was looking for a "forever" family in America because it meant she would probably get food when she was hungry, a doctor when she was sick, and maybe even get a new doll. Sweet Baboo actually teared up when he read that.

A lot of the kids said their favorite food was rice and beans. We figured thatís because thatís all they knew.

Itís almost overwhelming. We would love to help them all if we could. If you are interested in adopting, check out the website. Or if you have all the kids you want, but have some extra resources and want to help some kids around the world, check out and you can find some agencies who take donations (Which are tax deductible) to help support these children and their education.

I forgot to add that as I was waking up this morning, I came out of a dream where I was telling someone, "donít worry, we are on our way to get you!" I donít remember the details, but thatís what I want to tell the children we will one day be adopting. It is funny. I met my husband via the an online ad I had placed and through email. What if we find a child to adopt through a website? We are the computer generation! If not for the computer, I would not be married to this wonderful man right now and would not know of the thousands of beautiful children who need mommies and daddies. What did people do 20 years ago? Ponder that for the afternoon. Thanks for reading.


A Year Ago the day after tomorrow: May 09, 2003 The Friday Five and Thinking of School

People who know me, will find todayís Friday Five particularly funny.

1. Would you consider yourself an organized person?; Why or why not?

Yes! I am a very organized person.

2. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you use it regularly?

Yes, I do keep a personal planner, a desk and a wall calendar, all of which are updated with amazing regularity.

3. Would you say that your desk is organized right now?


4. Do you alphabetize CDs, books, and DVDs, or does it not matter?

Yes I do! What? Stop looking at me like that. How else can you find what youíre looking for?

5. Whatís the hardest thing youíve ever had to organize? Wow...My office, my wedding, my husband. Hee!

This was the easiest Friday Five ever!

Iíve been reflecting lately on my education. Growing up, I did OK in school, though not as well as my younger brother. I was smack dab in the middle of my high school graduating class and only did OK on my ACTs. I managed to get into college but flunked out after my third year. When I went back to school, I made the Deanís list all semesters but one and only missed it by a couple of grade points. I graduated with my AA in Arts/Literature with a grade point in the high 3ís which is a far cry from the rest of my education history.

I was thinking about all of this the other day and wondering what happened to me. My husband is taking a class right now and I envy him. He is reading, taking notes, writing papers and book reports, sharing what he is learning with his class and testing. I miss all of that! I want to go back to school, write, read, learn, and share! What has happened to me? School used to be all about socialization, extra curricular activities, and fun. I did not go to learn as much as I went to catch up on the latest gossip and fashion.

It did not start out that way. I remember being in Kindergarten and first grade and really enjoying the learning process. I leapt ahead quickly in reading and writing. I did OK in math and liked music ALOT. I think we moved too much, which resulted in having to change schools. I went to three different elementary schools, two jr. highs and just 1 high school. I think in changing elementary schools, I missed some stuff in the process. I do not know if I can explain it as well as it sits in my head. But I think when I changed schools, I spent more time trying to fit in with the other kids than I did in paying attention to what was being taught. So I missed stuff I was not even aware was important. I am surprised I managed to keep going in school.

When I got to college, the same thing happened. I spent more time trying to fit in than I did studying and in the end, I couldnít make it up. Not because I was stupid or because college was too hard for me. But because I reverted back to what I learned as a child and it didnít work for me as an adult.

Now I appreciate education. I love the process of learning. Iím still only OK at math. My brain has a hard time wrapping around numbers and formulas and theorems. I do so much better with words, papers, and essays. I LOVE books. I LOVE reading and sharing what I learned from what I read. Itís such a rush. Even more so when people find what I have written or shared to be relevant and interesting.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope that you find something relevant and interesting in what Iíve written.

5:00 p.m. - Friday, May. 07, 2004


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