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Back to Work For Me

I'm back at work and it's like I never left. I am back into the swing of things already. The only snag is that we have to answer the phone differently now and I keep messing it up. I have posted the new way to answer the phone all over my cube...but still manage to answer it the old way over and over again.

Lunch was OK. I brought chicken salad and applesauce. Something still got stuck. It takes me forever to eat, so even though my hour was over, I had to bring the food back to my desk to finish.

I brought my plants in to work today. I received a basket of flowering plants from my sister and mother in laws. I LOVE them, but when I was online looking for how to care for each plant, every plant has different care instructions. So, even though they were given to me in the same basket, they need quite different care.

The Cyclamen needs NO direct sunlight, a cool room and higher humidity. The African Violet needs bright indirect sunlight, a warmer room and watering that does not get the stems or leaves wet. The Hydrangea needs bright light, moist soil and an average room temp. Finally, the miniature roses need bright/direct sunlight and moist soil and pruning. I am going to kill these living things, no doubt about it.

I got a call from Ian Punnett's producer at FM107 and they want to do an update with me on Wednesday at 5:40am. So, if you live in the Twin City metro area, tune in.

I need to drink a lot more water. My skin and hair are so dry. Blech!

At work today I used the regular bathroom stall rather than the larger handicapped stall and it went well with me! Also, I have noticed that personal hygene is much easier, so BONUS!

So, that's about it from here for now. I will check in again later.

12:41 p.m. - Monday, Jun. 21, 2004


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