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Topics That Have Nothing to Do With Each Other

Things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Yesterday I went online looking for support groups for spouses of the handicapped. I sent off a bunch of emails and heard back from one, so we'll see what comes of that.

I also thought of a fun little side business I might look into doing and see where it goes. I thought I might look into Event Photography. I can advertise as a photographer for family and class reunions, corporate events, neighborhood block parties, etc. I can take candid shots of people enjoying themselves, then post all the photos to Snapfish and email them to people on a list preprovided to me. That way, the people that hire me only pay for my time. Then, I can upload the photos directly to a Snapfish account that I create specifically for my business and my clients can go directly there to order as many prints in whatever sizes they want. Only, I don't know what to charge hourly and I don't know how to get my work "out there". So, we'll see what happens. Also, I would probably need a larger memory card and eventually, I better digital camera.

Finally, last night I had a major melt down. I was in bed by 8 but was sobbing for hours. Bob was gone when I went to bed, but he came home while I was still sobbing and just quietly got into bed with me and lay with me, rubbing my back while I cried myself to sleep. See why I say I have the best husband in the world?

Shout out to Cosmiccrayola: We just got Bob's wheelchair in Feb or March but we have noticed that the batteries are already needing more charging. MDA pays a portion of the cost for batteries and I am hoping our insurance pays the rest. May I just ask do you do it? How do you carry the burden of working to support both you and your husband? How do you work through the anger and grief at living a life you never signed up for or imagined? How do you face every day not knowing if it will ever get better and in fact suspecting it probably won't? How do you have the strength to encourage your husband that his best days aren't behind him and that he still brings magic and wonder to your life? How do you do it without falling apart? I just need to know. *************************************** A Year Ago Today: August 05, 2003 Riding the Stagecoach and Staring Out the Window My new job rocks so far. Of course I've only been there one day, but it was a good day.

I got there at 8am, in time for the staff meeting. It was good, though an hour and a half talking about stuff I didnít know anything about yet. But I met lots of nice people.

My boss got attacked by bees over the weekend so she wasnít feeling well and left early to go to the doctor's office. She looked horrible. Needless to say, my training wasnít too in depth yesterday.

I got my cube, though I will be moving in a week or 2 as they are restructuring. The whole outer wall of our office is windows! So I found myself A.D.D.-ing and staring off into the nice view, 13 floors from the street. Itís a beautiful view and so nice after having no windows at all!

My next door cube neighbor is getting married on Saturday. Sheís a nice girl I am going to call Bride. Her next door neighbor is the lone guy in our group so Iím going to call him Lone Wolf. Heís moving, so Itís his cube I'll be moving into.

The Stagecoach knows how to care for its employees. There is free coffee (Some of it flavored!) and pop is only $.35. There is a large breakroom with microwaves, stoves, refridgerators, and lots of table space.

My cube is modern and neat. We use top of the line computers and wireless headsets. My official title is Insurance Rep.

I ordered my benefits package yesterday and should get to order my office supplies today. I was also given my security badge.

Itís a busy office with a really laid back atmosphere. Everyone seems to be nice and they all help each other.

So, it went well. I was a little bored reading through the training packets, but Thatís to be expected after the frenzy that was my last job.

I came home, ate dinner and chilled out. It was nice to come home without stress and just enjoy the evening.

I look forward to the rest of the week and I think it will be a good fit for me and for them.

Thanks for reading

7:03 a.m. - Thursday, Aug. 05, 2004


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