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Too Early for Fall

I went to the doctor again today. My weight is at 280 even. I gained 5-6 pounds on the TPN IV, which is what we expected. I don't have to be on TPN IVs anymore though, so it's back to being all up to me again. The nurse comes today to change my dressing and then again on Thursday to take out the PICC line. Both my doctor and the nutritionist think this was just a weird set back and that I will be fine as I continue down this road. As I talked to the nutritionist, she asked how my back was: Fine...never hurts anymore and I can stand for an undeterminded length of time and can walk until I get tired. She asked how my breathing has been: Fine. A little huffing up stairs, but again, I can exercise until tired, not just until out of breath. She asked about sizes: Great! I just bought some new clothes and am wearing a size I haven't worn in about 6 to 8 years. She said these are the things to remember when I get the "Oh my word, what have I done to myself?" crazies. Good to remember.

Thanks to all y'all who left me nice notes about the photos from yesterday. I think I look like I'm in 9th grade in that front facing photo. Glad that's not the case, but still, it's nice to look younger than my 36 years.

Today is beautiful. It's hard to believe school has started and summer is over. I am not ready for winter but hopefully, we will have a nice long fall season to enjoy. There are already many leaves on the ground and many trees turning colors. It just seems too early for all of that.

9:48 a.m. - Tuesday, Sept. 07, 2004


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