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My Public Service Announcement Entry

This is Mr. Bowman, your 8th grade gym coach, don't forget to set your clocks back!

I can't believe it's Sunday already. And of course at 5:30 on the dot, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I am used to waking up at 6:30. Stupid daylight savings time. But I got up and made a pot of chili and came here.

Yesterday was a full day. I woke up at 7...what is the deal with me not being able to sleep in anymore? I watched stuff I had taped earlier in the week and I have to say if you are not watching Lost on Wednesday nights on ABC, you are missing the best show on television today. When it ends, I am sad. When it breaks for commercials, I am sad. It is THAT good! Catch yourself up on the goings on over at Television Without Pity and then watch it Wednesday nights at 7 CST.

Also, The Bachelor? Why do they always pick the smarmiest, cheesiest guys on God's green earth? Byron is a big ball of cheese whiz. Also, Jane? 27 different kinds of crazy for sure. Good thing he booted her off. I like Mary and Cherese and am therefore hoping he picks neither one.

Lastly, the Swan? OK, I am hooked. Those gals were HOT! I have got a big poochy stomach now that I'm losing all this weight and it would be great to get a tummy tuck. Although they don't let you until you pass your 2nd anniversary. So, I have a year and a half to wait. I did weigh myself last night and I am now at 255. Over 100 lbs lost. I walk places now. I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt now. I fit into chairs and booths now.

On Friday night Bob took me out on a date to a little Tex Mex bistro across the alley. It is a YUMMY place to eat. We shared an 8oz bourbon steak with sauteed mushrooms, baked potato, soup and salad. 1 meal, we both ate until full and had plenty of food leftover. Our food bill has really gone down in the days since my surgery and that's been nice.

After watching my shows, I showered, called my mom and then took off to run errands. The first stop was the yarn store. I needed help with a project and got good advice there. But while there, I was assalted by the wonderful, wonderful yarns. My senses went into overload and I had to physically tear myself away from several beautiful yarns. I did find the yarn I prefer to crochet my dishclothes with in several bright colors never before seen by my eyes. They were on clearance so I got several balls. I also checked out the cotton chenille I like to to work with and it too was on sale, but still $7/skein. 1 skein makes 1 dishcloth. I would have to charge 10-12 per dishcloth just to make a profit and since I'm only charging 5 for the cotton ones, it doesn't make a lot of sense. There were also 1 or 2 other cotton yarns that I really in a ribbon/yarn and one in a more stretchy, hair band kind of form. But I got out of there before I got into trouble.

Next stop was Babys R Us. I had to get a baby shower gift for a friend at work. I had 7 things in my hands before I decided on what to get her. I bought her choice in pacifiers, teethers and a Baby's First Christmas bib...all for under $20! I had to get out of there quickly as my uterus began to ache.

Next stop, Caribou for a decafe hazelnut cappicino with 1 shot of espresso and skim milk. I am a high maintenence coffee drink orderer. But it was so yummy! Then it was home to clean, crochet and cook.

Today is church, lunch, help set up for the church harvest party and then over to a free concert by Charlie Hall at Christ Pres in Edina. Come on by.

Bob is going to the Vikings game with his sister and then they are coming back to have chili and hand out candy to the little monsters in our building. Bob made treat bags for each kid. He is a big kid himself and I LOVE it!

I found out that I will have earned another PTO day by Thanksgiving and that no one else had asked off for the day after Thanksgiving. So I get to go home for a visit, yay! I didn't think I would get to, so told everyone that I wouldn't be there, but now I am and can't wait.

Oh, and I talked with my insurance agent about the coverage we had for loss in our apartment. I upped the coverage and will still probably have to up it again what with Bob's scooter, wheelchair, and hospital bed. That stuff alone shoots our costs up. I also upped our deductable and now our cost is less than it was when our loss coverage was low. I also found out that our auto rates are going down as of November 1. If you have a Good Neighbor, you should call your agent and see if your rates are going down too. And Bob will have earned 3 years of safe driving discount on his next renewal. So, we are doing really well insurance wise. I just think it's really important for everyone to be covered well and to know as much as possible about their coverage so when you need it, you aren't caught short or scrambling.

--------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: October 30, 2003: Dreaming the dreams of weirdness and birds

Ever noticed how on commercials for cruise lines and cruising vacations, you only see one person enjoying the pool or reading on the lido deck or jogging around the ship? Or, at the very least, 1 couple or 1 family enjoying the ammenities a cruise has to offer? Isnít a cruise ship much like a floating amusement park or apartment complex or shopping mall? When would you not encounter others? I donít think of a cruise when I think of vacations where I want to get away from it all and spend some alone time. Where would you go? You are floating in the middle of the freaking ocean with thousands of others, not to mention the staff, who canít go anywhere else either. Sheesh!

Woke up from a weird dream this morning. I was dreaming about how much I really, really want a child and as I was thinking this and longing for one in my dream, the immediate thought popped in my head, "Well, what about Alyssa?" and I thought, oh yeah, well, she doesnít count...sheís adopted. And I pictured a little blond girl with curly hair. Then I woke up. OK...A.) Any child of ours would "count", adopted or not. And 2.) I donít know who this Alyssa is or where she came from or when we adopted her. So odd.

I forgot to include something about my dream from yesterday's entry. I was still at college and I was with my friend Brent. He had a bird...I think it was a parakeet of some kind. It kept escaping its cage. No matter what cage he put it in, it would find a way out and fly away. Not far away mind you, but out of our reach. No matter what Brent did, he couldn't catch it or coax it back. But I was always able to catch it or coax it back into the cage...where it would proceed to fly away again. Weird huh?

How many sides do you have to your life? I have at least 2 and right now they are waring. Side one is the side that wants to be a wife and wants to be the wife my husband needs. She wants to work full time so we have benefits and income and health care. She wants to rub Sweet Baboo's legs and back and wants to get a van so he can drive himself in his chair to where ever he needs to go. She wants to be alone with SB forever and grow old with him. Side two is the side that wants to be a mom. She is the woman who wants children so bad her empty arms ache. She wants to work at home, taking care of infants and sticky children. Baking cookies and bread and reading stories. Going for walks and picking dandelions as though they were the rarest, prettiest flower ever found. She wants to commiserate with other mothers about pregnancy and labor and collick and late night feedings and milestones. She wants to hold her baby and kiss her kiddos goodnight. She wants a van because itís the best family hauler out there. She wants her husband to be strong so he can work while she takes care of things at home. She wants her husband to be strong so he can hold the kids and wrestle them and bath them and run and jump and play with them. She wants him to be able to take over when she is tired as she will take over when he is tired.

Can these 2 women co-exist? I donít know. Maybe in part, but I donít think in whole. I just have to say that there are times I want children so badly, it takes a lot of consentration not to burst into tears at the very thought of babies.

A woman at my work had twins today. A boy and a girl. I wonder if she wants to give me her extra one? Iím just kidding! Still, though I rejoice in her good fortune, I wonder when...and now will ever be my turn. How would we do it? My job pays for our health care and retirement and is our main source of income. We live in a one bedroom apartment with limited space and 2 sassy cats. Can you tell I am feeling weepy and vulnerable and sad and, at least as far as this is concerned, very helpless. (not yet hopeless though...thank God.)

Oh...Jen...I totally forgot to email you on Sunday...This is your 8th grade gym coach Mr. Baumen...donít forget to set your clocks back! Hee!

Thanks for reading.

October 31, 2003: October Friday Five

Itís Friday! Itís Halloween! Itís the Friday Five!

1. What was your first Halloween costume?

I donít remember...maybe a princess? I had one of those horrible plastic masks with the eyeholes. It doesnít really matter in Minnesota because we always had to wear our coats over our costumes because itís so fricking cold on Halloween.

2. What was your best costume and why?

My best costume was copied from another friend of mine and it was a jukebox. I used a large cardboard box and a portable tape player. It was kind of bulky, but fun.

3. Did you ever play a trick on someone who didnít give you a treat?

No, but I did a lot of TPing in high school in general and played lots of pranks on people in college.

4. Do you have any Halloween traditions? (ie: Family pumpkin carving, special dinner before trick or treating, etc.)No, not really, my family was boring that way. I guess we did carve pumpkins before Halloween and went trick or treating on Halloween. But thatís about it.

5. Share your favorite scary story...real or legend!Hhhm, I have to think about that one...I am pretty much a whimp and hate being freaked out of scared. I even hate conflict on TV and will mute the show if it occurs, so I tend to stay away from scary movies and books. Although, I will say that when I was in 5th or 6th grade, I read The Amityville Horror and it scared my socks off. I also read my share of Steven King books and learned I had to stop because they were freaking me out and giving me nightmares. Especially The Shining. Thatís just me...Iím a complete and total whimp and even though I know Itís JUST A BOOK or MOVIE, I canít get past the freaked out stuff. Blah!

Thatís all for now...thanks for reading.

6:22 a.m. - Sunday, Oct. 31, 2004


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