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Still Snarfy

Still stuffy, sore, achy, hurting, and coughing. But also still plugging along.
Did you watch The Amazing Race last night? Didn't I tell you that Jonathan and Victoria are annoying? I am bummed that the Mormon sisters from UT lost. Man! Talk about perseverence! They should have won just because they were so persistant. They can take Jonathan and Victoria's place. And what about that counting task? Would that not drive you absotlutely crazy? Fun show, The Amazing Race.
I received my financial aid award letter from my school yesterday. It's enough to cover tuition and hopefully enough to cover books as well. Once I finish a class and submit my grade and receipt to my employer for reimbursement, we will use the reimbursement to pay off the largest portion of the loan. But it's starting to be more and more real! Yay! I am going back to school!
I crocheted 4 dishclothes yesterday. Today is the day I go to Kathy's to help set up the boutique. I have LOTS of dishclothes. On one hand, I wonder if it's enough. On the other hand, I wonder if anyone will even be interested in buying them at all. Of course I will bring the camera and take pictures. Today is set up, tomorrow after work I will be there to man my station. Friday after work is a holiday dinner at my boss's house and Saturday is boutique day. (With an hour off around the lunch hour to pick up our free real Christmas tree from our realtor's open house.) Sunday is church and the MDA Christmas party. Why YES this is not a good time to not be feeling well.
I decided to face my 37th birthday head on and invited my closest girlfriends to a Girl's Night Out the Saturday after my birthday. We are going to eat a lovely Thai dinner at Sawatdee and then head over to The Bean Wine Bar and Cafe to hear the live music stylings of Boyd Lee. Whoot! So far, 2 of the 10 gals I invited have accepted. Bob is going to take me out on my actual birthday which is on a Tuesday. I am of the firm belief that if you can stretch your birthday celebration out for a week, so much the better.
About the live Christmas tree we are getting from our Realtor...this is a funny story. I asked Bob if we could get a real tree this year and he said not this year as things are tight. I accepted that which wasn't hard since I know of what he speaks. But then I got an email from the realtor we have been working with, inviting us to a holiday open house at their office and as a gift to us, we could choose a live wreath or a live tree. Whee! So we get our live tree and we get it for free. So in between boutiqing and holiday parties, we will also be setting up our Christmas tree and decorations.
We are going to Florida in January. We are flying there for free because last year when Bob went to Florida with his sister, the airline lost his wheelchair. It was lost for 3 whole days and when it was returned, it was broken. So, in order to appease my angry husband, Airtran airways gave him 2 free airline tickets. The only problem is that now that we want to use them, they are telling us that we are kind of flying standby. I mean, we do have reservations, but they keep calling us and changing the flight times because we are apparently at the bottom of the flight barrel. As it stands now, we are arriving in Florida after midnight on the 9th and will be leaving Florida around 10am on the 15th. This means we will be in Mpls by 2pm on the 15th which is nice, but getting into Florida after midnight? Then we have to pick up our luggage and find the rental car place and get our rental car and THEN we have to drive to the time share. We will be lucky to get there and be in bed by 2am that first day. What a way to start a vacation. All because this lovely airline lost a peice of equipment necessary to my husband's quality of life. I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I think they could do a little better on his behalf since they are the reason we have these vouchers in the first place. I hope the weather is nice while we are there.

*************************************** A Year Ago Today: 8:16 p.m. December 01, 2003 031201_72.html Monday Morning Catch Up Happy December. Can you believe Itís December? Neither can I. My 36th birthday is in 2 weeks and it doesnít seem like Itís possible. I still feel like Itís June...1990. But time marches on.

Work was really busy today. The phones were busy all day and the hold times were off the charts. But we all managed to get a lot done.

I got 20 of our Christmas letter sent out. I just need to print up the rest of our address labels. I managed to print them all out so I donít have to write 100 addresses by hand.Our letter this year is short and sweet. 1 page, front and back...and mostly pictures of the year that was 2003.

I also managed to get my nephew's birthday card purchased, written, and sent as well.

Now that Itís December, our month is filling up. Tomorrow is a work party after work. Saturday is Christmas shopping at the Mall of America, Sunday is the MDA Christmas party, the 14th is my birthday, the 21st is Sweet Baboo's family's Christmas party, then comes Christmas, and my family's Christmas party is the 26th. We will have other things filling up as we go, but Thatís the gist of our month so far.

Have you seen the ads for Average Joe? This is why that show would not work with the roles reversed. Apparently Melena is disguising herself as her plain, fat cousin. The ads show the guys making fun of her and calling her fat and ugly. They won't even give her a chance. They just judge her on the basis of her appearance and find her undeserving of their attention because sheís not thin and pretty. To be totally fair though, Melena got rid of all the plain, geeky, gawky guys and now only has the manly, handsome guys left. Bah.

I am feeling much better today. Most of the effects of the cold are gone. Iím still a little snarfly. Now SB has the cold. He is going to see his neurologist tomorrow. I hope she is able to talk to him about his progress and give him some hope about the future.

Thanks for reading.

9:08 a.m. - Wednesday, Dec. 01, 2004


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