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Only 4 More Days

Only 4 more days until we leave for Floriday. It's becoming more real now. Bob and I have never flown together before. Nor have we ever been anywhere other than road trips to Northern MN or Southern WI. Weeee!

Yesterday we could see 2 little red foxes sunning themselves in the grass of a highway cloverleaf from our windows on the 13th floor at work. Someone called Animal Control and they said they wouldn't come to get them because LOTS of animals live in the grassy part of the highway cloverleafs. They were so cute, but ran away after a car stalled nearby.

Crap, I have to find a swimsuit and I'm getting anxiety about it. Do I order one online and pay extra for fast shipping? Do I go out and look for one around town and if so, where? It's January in MN. Or do I wait until I get down there and hope I find stores that carry suits other than those made for the snowbirds and retirees? I officially wear a size 22 now, not the easiest to find suits in right now. I found a couple online, but I HATE shopping for clothes online. I think tonight I will go to Kohls and Marshalls and maybe Catherines and see if I can find a nice suit on sale.

Friday night I will be doing laundry and cleaning out apartment. Our plane leaves Saturday at 4:30 for Atlanta and then 10:30 from Atlanta to Orlando. I can pack on Saturday morning. We are going to take Metro Mobility to the airport but we don't know how we're getting home yet. I can't wait!

Oh! Last night I tried on some summer clothes my mom had given me to see if anything might fit for our trip and at least half of it does! I am so excited! New (to me) clothes and a warm, sunny vacation! Wheee!

Not much of an entry today, but all that's going on is work and preparing for our trip. It will be better when we get back.

11:56 a.m. - Tuesday, Jan. 04, 2005


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