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At Least It's Not A Shotglass Figure

Happy Groundhog Day! Come on Spring!

I fought the treadmill every step of the way this morning. It started at 4 am when I woke up in a panic thinking I'd missed my alarm. The next 2 hours were spent in fitful sleep, waking every 15 to 20 minutes and TRYING to get the Scholastica jingle out of my head! I finally got up at about 5 minutes to 6, got my workout garb on (No walking the treadmill, in our building's workout room, in the nude!) grabbed my water bottle and radio and headed to the workout room. I like working out in the morning better than after work. No one is up or around and it's pretty quiet. No wondering if my workout will be interrupted by others needing the treadmill. And no late communters wandering by the workout room's windows peaking in at my lovely sweaty form schlepping along gamely. Just me and Ian and Marjory and the rest of the FM107 gang for 26 minutes. Today I walked 1.50 miles in my 26 minutes and burned over 150 calories. Go me.

I may be imagining it, but my workout clothes seem a little looser. For sure the bra I wear is looser around the band. That means my chest circumference is shrinking too! Yay! But I'm not looking forward to buying new bras. My boobs are so saggy...I wonder if I can get an accurate fit now.

A while ago I won a Rockport pedometer from some deal at my work. I never used it until I started the new walking regime. But I hate it. It is so sensitive and it adds steps to my day. I can walk 50 steps and it gages it as 120. I have set it to my gait, reset it, and reset it again. Still, it adds way too many steps and it doesn't make sense to keep track if the pedometer is not accurate. I was all excited about having it and now I just feel like it's a piece of junk. Bummer.

We are still getting baby mail. Yesterday we got a catalog for baby stuff like carseats, baby gates, bottle warmers, etc. We also got a couple book for Enfamil and another coupon book for Similac. AND we got a coupon book for Johnson & Johnson baby bath wash products. I think this is our personal best for one day's worth of mail. I just take all the mail to work and give it to my co-worker who just had a baby. She LOVES it! Still don't know what list were on, but it's weird.

The flu is going around work. I hope I don't get it.though today I am feeling a little blah. I feel warm, but don't have a fever. I am tired and achy...but not flu tired or achy. I just don't feel myself. Maybe it's coming and it just hasn't hit me yet. I hope not. I hate being sick. Maybe if I work out some more, I can sweat it out before it even hits.

Bob is so good for me. While I am losing weight, I am not very happy with the sagginess as a result. But the other day I was trying on some of the clothes my mom had sent me to see if any of the smaller sizes fit yet and he exclaimed, "Honey! You have an hourglass figure!" LIke he had just discovered gold in them thar hills. It was soo cute and he made me feel so good. He likes his women curvy and I think he had a fear that as I lost weight, I would lose my womanliness. NO fear of that happening. Since puberty hit me at age 11 or 12, I've always been curvy. But gotta love that man of mine.

6:42 a.m. - Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2005


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