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It's the 9 month anniversary of my bariatric surgery. I had my appointment at 7:30 this morning. I weighed in at 241...exactally 120 lbs lost since my surgery and only 15 lbs since my 6 month visit. The weight loss is slowing down! They don't take photos at the 9 month, so I took some of my own outside the clinic after my visit. Check out the snow as it's falling!

This is from the front...duh!

This, obviously, is the side shot.

Not too much difference from the 6 month...but I've lost more inches and I think I've put on muscle too with the new walking thing going on.
I didn't get to update until late today because things are CRAZY at work.

Yesterday we got a call from the co-worker that drives us all crazy. Not Prima Donna, but I will call her New Girl because she is the newest of us even though she's been here about 9 months. She drives us crazy because even though she's been here for 9 months, she still doesn't know our names, she makes simple mistakes and she still doesn't know her job. Anyway, she called and said she was going to the doctor and would be late. Around noon, we figured she wasn't coming in, so it was handed to me to get her work done. Around 1:30 I finally stopped for lunch. Around 3, we found out she'd been hospitalized for gestational diabetes. She is pregnant and due at the end of July. As I was going through her work, I found several mistakes so I pointed them out to our supervisor and it was realized that almost all of her paperwork is messed up in some way, shape or form.

Today, after my appointment, I came in and just started to do her work while our supervisor went through EVERYTHING on New Girl's desk and started fixing it. It's still not done and New Girl will probably be in the hospital until tomorrow afternoon and then we don't know if she'll be released to work or to bed rest.

Normally, I'd say this couldn't have happened at a worse time what with IRA season coming up and our work load increasing 10 fold up to April 15th. But seeing all the mistakes she's been making, it might actually be better for everyone if she is relagated to bedrest.

My boss wants to fire her. But she is stuck because to fire her now would make it seem as though she was being fired for her pregnancy and related illness. But it's taken this and her being gone to see how badly everything is messed up. It means more work for all of us, but it also means it gets done right the first time.
Footloose was on AMC last night! Can I say that we wore some highwasted jeans in the 80's? But Mmmmmm, Kevin Bacon! And the chick that played his love interest, Ariel? She needs to eat a sandwhich or 2. She was so sickly skinny that in the prom scene, her shoulders could have taken out an eye! But I so love that movie. Also, I hadn't ever noticed before how gay the scenes where Wren tries to teach Willard to dance are!
I am wiped out. All this extra work has made a zombie out of me.

5:35 p.m. - Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005


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