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The Big Letdown

I had the weirdest dream, not last night, but the night before. I dreamed I had a huge pink mole on my neck. It was tall and pockmarked and round and when I discovered it I was horrified. Bob couldn't understand why I was so freaked out because it's been there since he's known me. I freaked out even more wondering how in the world something so gross and big could have been there so long without me knowing it. Ewwwww. So gross. I said right away that I was having it removed...that very day. And then I woke up. Whew! That god it was just a dream.

I found out that our state is auctioning off a few full size passenger vans that have been converted to wheel chair accessible vans. They are all about 1995-1998 with anywhere between 16,000-55,000 miles and they are all starting at $1000. But they are pretty big and probably gas guzzling. It doesn't matter anyway. We don't have $1000 and after yesterday we won't have $6000 either. The credit union denied our loan application. I don't understand these people. Bob had been faithfully paying them for the loan on his truck for 4 years now. Never missed a payment. Never been late. And what we are wanting to do is basically change one loan off for another exactally like it...all that's changing is the vehicle being held as collateral and the time frame we'd be paying. I don't know what else to do. We could have bought the van THIS WEEK. We would then be making 2 payments until the truck sold, but it will sell pretty quickly. But now we don't have to sell the truck. Blah!

I just found out that another friend is expecting a baby. It's an actual epidemic!

I met with my exercise physiologist yesterday and she is just wee! But I had a good session. Mostly she went over the importance of keeping your heartrate in the target zone. Then she showed me how to use the treadmill and the recumbant bike. I did 15 minutes on each. I also walked the track a big. She said she would go over strength training in a couple of weeks. We meet in a local hospital's heart health cardio center. What an amazing facility! I wish I could work out there every day. But it's pretty far from my home...about 40 minutes. Because I am with the bariatric center I can use it for free this one day a week, but beyond that it would cost.

So, New Girl has still not shown up for work. Yesterday we didn't receive a call or anything alerting us as to what's going on. So we just keep plugging away at her work. Most of the stuff that had been messed up is now fixed and we are caught up on all the paperwork she had been behind on. Oh and New Guy started yesterday. So far, he seems pretty nice. The first few days are hard because there is a log of reading to do, so he was holed up in his cube reading most of the day. But he seems nice. Don't know if New Girl is coming back or not, but if she's not, I kind of hope they don't hire someone to replace her. I guess they need to because it's too much work for 1 person and if one of us is sick or on vacation, the other of us really coulnd't handle the load. But for the 2 of us...the work load is perfect. I am still waiting for my review. It's Wednesday the 2nd and they have to be done by the 7th. Maybe she is going to load them all into one whole day...cramming them full of reviews. Blech! Hopefully it will be soon.

6:19 a.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 02, 2005


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