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I'm So Tired...Why?

Well, the van dream is not dead yet. In fact, I may be driving it from its home to the in-law's repair shop on Tuesday for an inspection, so we'll see what happens after that.

By the way...anyone want to buy a used Chevy S10 pickup? It's white with an extended bed, cruise, am/fm cassette,'s a great little truck. Blue book value on it is $7000 and we still owe more than $ make an offer!

So, New Girl did show up for work yesterday. I waited all day for someone to say something to her. Never happened. She just sat down and went to work as though nothing had changed. As though we didn't work twice as hard and twice as long fixing everything she had left behind. Sheeeeesh.

Why am I so tired? I came home from work last night, made dinner and fell asleep on the couch before 8:00! Bob woke me up to put me to bed and I slept until the alarm went off this morning and it was still like picking burrs off a sheep dog getting me out of bed. It's good to get all this rest though because there is illness EVERYWHERE at work. My cubmate was ill with Strep yesterday. And there are 2 families with neurovirus or whatever that puking, pooping, fever flu thing is. Blah!!!! I don't need illness at all.

My period is due tomorrow so the tiredness could be PMS stuff. I usually get tired and achey before it appears.

I weighed myself and I am now well into my 230's! Goodbye to the 240's! Oh I can't wait to be under 200! Goodbye 200!

6:41 a.m. - Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005


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