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March Is Going Out Like A Lamb

Yesterday was GORGEOUS! 65 degrees by 5pm. They say today should reach 70.

New Girl showed up at work finally. She had to attend the closed door meeting half way through the work day. It seems they are shifting her duties so that she mostly is helping our supply clerk with her load. It's a good plan. Our supply clerk has more job than time or help and it keeps New Girl from messing up our stuff. Especially now that we have cleaned up all the stuff she messed up before.

I walked home from work and it was heavenly. Such a beautiful day. Bob met me about half way home and we actually were able to converse somewhat and that was nice.

I got home and decided to clean up our patio. I swept up all the pine needles and debris from the long winter before. Then I washed our plastic table and chairs and placed my potted bulbs attractively around the patio. No shoots yet, but with this warmer weather, I am hopeful. I even put the harness on Maisey and let her out on her leash. She was only out for about a half hour before wanting to come back in. I think the cement slab is still chilly and her little paw pads were cold.

Later, Jorge and his sister Carla came over for a visit. They stayed for about an hour and we had a really nice time talking with them. They are great kids and we enjoy their company immensely. We had given them Easter baskets and they came by with stuffed bunnies for us both. We keep telling them that they don't have to give us stuff whenever we give them stuff but I don't think they get it. We tried to tell them to just accept our gifts as something fun from us without reciprocating.

Today I have to go to see my regular doctor. They called me yesterday and said the exercise physiologist had called them and based on what she told them, they want me to be fitted with a heart monitor. I will wear this thing for about 24 hours and then return it and they will download the info from it. Based on the info they download, we will go from there. I think Robyn had to do this not too long ago. Didn't she? Anyway, better safe than sorry. So I end up getting to work a little later today and will be wearing this bulky thing. Gah.

And now, by popular demand, the Easter/Spring outfit I bought in the Quest for the Dress!

I don't know why my boobs look so pointy. Like 1940 industrial boobs.

And my oh so cute shoes! I can't say the same about my feet though. Ignore those and focus on the cutest shoes ever.

It's going to be the nicest day we've had this Spring and I will miss it. I can't walk to work today because of the doctor's appt and I can't walk home because it's Exercise Physiologist night. Boo hoo! Maybe I will ask her if I can walk around the hospital outside for my exercise time tonight. That might work. We are being told that tomorrow may bring our first thunderstorm. Yay! Love me some thunderstorms.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

6:41 a.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 29, 2005


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