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It's a Holiday Weekend!

Poor Bob. He got 2 teeth pulled out yesterday and he was one miserable man. He called me at work before I left for the day requesting Culver's mashed potatoes and an icy. Gotta keep my baby happy.

He was in so much pain in his mouth that he said he hadn't much thought about the other pain in his body. He didn't sleep well at all and was still spitting blood this morning. Poor thing had one tooth pulled on each side of his mouth so he had little relief. This morning, though, he said he felt a little better. Thankfully, the doc gave him an RX for an antibiotic that should keep infection at bay.

My mom emailed me today and said a girl we know is getting married in October. I can hardly believe she's old enough. Last I remember, she was a tiny new-born baby and I was babysitting her. I eventually also babysat her sister and brother. One time, when her sister was a brand new baby, I went to let their dog out and he ran away. I was frantic to get him back. I called and called. The neighbors, hearing my bordering on hysterical screaming for the dog went out looking for him, but couldn't find him. By the time the parents got home, I was crying and beside myself. The mom ran to the baby's room, thinking something had happened to her. I sobbed as I told them I lost their dog. They heaved a big sigh of relief and said it was OK, that he ran away all the time and would find his way back before they went to bed. Oh man, was I relieved. I took great care of the kids, but I lost their dog and they didn't bat an eye. Good folks. Still can't believe their daughter is getting married. They stay so little in my head!

This weekend will be one for cleaning, homework, and a little fourth of July party at our place on Monday. We have a pool, a grill, and a patio. What more do we need? So far, it looks to be us and one other family, but small can be fun too. We hope to watch the fireworks from the parking garage of my building. You can see lots of displays from there and no crownds!

Have you seen the new Starbucks Frappaccino commercial with Michael Buble singing "Come Fly With Me?" I LOVE that commercial. The girl is cute and demur and Michael looks like he is lip syncing. He is too baby-faced to sing so svelte and swave like that.

I HATE HATE HATE the "Sweet Melissa" commercial for whatever phone company that is...Cingular, maybe? HATE!

Share your faves and hates in the comments section. Have a great weekend! Happy Birthday America!

4:39 p.m. - Friday, Jul. 01, 2005


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