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Who Need Fireworks With the Kind of Storm We Had

Happy Independence Day!

We have had a great weekend. It's been very busy though.

Saturday, I dug in and deep cleaned our apartment. Bob worked at the gas station and I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. In the morning, I ran some stuff to Goodwill just to get it out of our house.

Before Bob went to work, his sister and her family stopped by to drop off our new cell phone. Yes, we have finally joined the ranks of people who use cell phones. Bob's sister has a family plan that allows up to 5 phones. We just wanted a phone for when one of us was on the road and for emergencies. Now we have that phone and we just have to pay under $15 a month to Bob's sister for its use. What a deal!

The rest of Saturday I organized our cupboards and closets, dusted, vacuumed our floors and our furniture. I even cleaned out all the cat hair and dust from our box fans. It took me all day to clean this place from top to bottom. But when I was done, it felt so good.

Sunday, we had a loud and wonderful thurnderstorm roll through early in the morning. It was amazing! Loud, loud thunder, bright and flashing lightning, and rain. Bob and I snuggled under the covers and enjoyed the spectacle. We both really love storms.

Bob had to work again later so I went to church by myself. When I got home I set to work to make some food for the cookout we are having. I made pasta salad, 2 kinds of dip, I cut up beef, chicken, and veggies for the kabobs we will grill. (I am marinading them too. Teryaki for the beef and garlic herb for the chicken.) I made 2 kinds of cookies (white chocolate macadamia and peanut butter.)and a piture of homemade lemonade. After all that, I had to clean up the kitchen again.

Today we are having some people over for a cookout and to swim. We invited a lot of people but only a few are stopping by. We will watch fireworks from the top floor of the parking ramp of the building where I work. That way we can see the show and avoid the crowds. Over all, it's been a great weekend of industriousness and getting stuff done. Bob feels good about working and making some money. I feel good about getting this place cleaned and organized and later, we will celebrate the fourth with friends.

Hope you have a safe and happy holiday yourself. Happy fouth!

9:38 a.m. - Monday, Jul. 04, 2005


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