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October 7th and I'm scraping Ice Off My Windshield

Did your high school have events during homecoming week? Was one of those events something along the lines of candygrams or different color carnations? Our high school would sell candygrams or different colored carnations for a buck a peice. You could purchase one for a friend, lover, or crush and include a note and it would get delivered to your intended. I always sent dozens. I usually received 1 to none. It was a time of hope and fantasy only to turn to a time of dismal reality.

Well this week was United Way Week of Caring at our work. We do all kinds of things to raise money for the United Way. One of the events this year was a candygram sale. I sent 10. I received 1...from my boss. Yeah, that went over well. But I did manage to win a coupld gift cards in the raffle and a signed Dante Culpepper photograph in the silent auction. I am giving the latter to my nephew for his birthday. I also donated some stuff for the auction. I will be babysitting for the BIG BOSS, taking pictures at a co-worker's wedding reception in September, and knitting a scarf for a co-worker. Fun!

We were talking around the water cooler this morning about food rules we grew up with. For instance, my parents did not allow sugared cereals unless we were camping. So I grew up on Cheerios, Kix, Corn Flakes and the like. A guy I work with was not allowed soda except on Sunday nights when his family watched The Wonderful World of Disney. Another co-worker shared that she was expected to try at least a bite of everything on her plate and if she truly didn't like it, she didn't have to eat it, but she did have to eat what she took of the foods she did like. So, what were the food rules in your house when you were growing up?

It is finally sunny here today. It's been cloudy all week. It's gotten much cooler too. But this weekend is supposed to be in the high 60's so that should be nice. Too bad I don't have a college football game to attend, the weather is PERFECT!

Bob and I won Timberwolves tickets! If you get your rent check in before the first of the month, you are automatically entered into a drawing for whatever sports season is running (Except for football for some reason). We got our check in early and won tickets to see the Wolves on Wednesday! Woot! I have not yet been to a pro basketball game here and am really looking forward to it. The tickets have a face value of $110! Sheesh! Who would pay that? I hope it's good. They are playing the Bucks.

This weekend I am going to hang all our pictures and wall hangings and get my desk from storage. We didn't have room for it in our other apartment and now we have a whole second bedroom set up as an office. My desk will fit nicely in there now. I also have to do homework. I have a final draft of my Community Interest story for journalism due and a paper for my next class on Ethics due. Should be lots 'o fun!

Good news on the tuition reimbursement front. The payment was sent to our checking account today. Now it just needs to show up in the account which could take 1 business day. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow because it's cold out and I need a new winter coat. I had to scrape my windshield this morning for heaven's sake! I have been wearing one of Bob's winter coats the past two days and it's just not me. Hope to see it tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

3:39 p.m. - Friday, Oct. 07, 2005


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