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Lottery Winnings

So, we didn’t win the lottery. Bummer. Here’s a list of things we have talked about doing if we were to ever win the lottery, in no particular order:

1.) Buy a handicapped accessible van
2.) Buy a handicapped accessible house on a lake or buy a house on a lake and make it handicapped accessible
3.) Buy a summer camp and make it accessible and then open it up to underprivileged and inner city youth
4.) Start education savings plans for all our nieces and nephews still in school
5.) Pay every single debt we can think of
6.) Pay back all the good people have done us by sending then money, gifts, gift cards anonymously through the years
7.) Adopt a half dozen kids from all walks of life
8.) Invest, invest, invest
9.) Buy a home in Florida so we can have a warm place to go in the winter
10.) Give a bunch of money to our church
11.) Give a bunch of money to Reaching Arms International
12.) Give a bunch of money to Campus Life/YFC
13.) Give a bunch of money to MDA
14.) Give a bunch of money to Mary Jo Copeland
15.) Give a bunch of money to the Salvation Army
16.) Give a bunch of money to Compassion International
17.) Give a bunch of money to Samaritan’s Purse
18.) Go through the drive through of a local restaurant and pay for an hour’s worth of meals for people on the go
19.) Go to a local restaurant and buy everyone that is seated at that time their meal
20.) Go to a local supermarket and find the longest line and pay for everyone’s groceries
21.) Write to churches in the area and ask about their struggling families and what is needed. Meet some of those needs even if it is a new car or money to buy their kid a band instrument or for a school trip.
22.) Pay off someone’s car repair bill at the gas station across the street. Or, better yet, pay off everyone’s bill at the gas station across the street.
23.) Offer to pay for everyone’s gas for an hour one morning at the gas station across the street.

So, there you have it. That is the list of all the things I can remember us talking about if we were to ever win the lottery.

This weekend I am looking forward to being domestic. I have to clean. It’s Bob’s birthday on Sunday so I am going to make him a cake. I need to do a little bit of grocery shopping. In addition, we are having a potluck at work on Wednesday so I need to find something to bring. I think I am going to bring a pumpkin stew and a pumpkin spice cake shaped like a pumpkin. Is that harvest-y enough? I have never made either so it will be an interesting experiment in cooking. I found the recipe for the pumpkin stew at and the recipe for the pumpkin cake at Oh, whatever did we do without the internet? Of course, I also have homework to finish. Bob is helping as the Muscular Dystrophy Awareness conference all day tomorrow so I will have the whole day free to be as domestic as I can be.

Did I mention that it took two full days for the trees in our apartment complex to lose all their leaves? The rest of the trees around here are at their peak in color. The next week or so we will be seeing bare trees. I hate the bare trees. And now it’s all dark when I leave for work in the morning. I like fall, but hate the cold and the dark. Blah. I have an appointment next week with my doctor to up my Celexa dosage for the winter. It’s my annual anti-depressant dosage uppage. The spring brings it back down.

If you wish, please go leave my husband best wishes for a happy birthday. His email address is Thanks!

3:36 p.m. - Friday, Oct. 21, 2005


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